The “N” Word.

It has no place in the United States of America. Period.

Here’s the deal. As humans have propulsed along, some of them have committed the evil sin of trying to own other humans. In order to do this, the race of the chosen slaves must be considered as “less than.” Were the slaves considered equals, our human conscience would dictate that we stop this process. …that we will not accept this horrid behavior. They must be considered “less than.”

How to do this? Give them a name.

I’m done with this. I find it abhorrent, and repugnant. Never more, will I tolerate it. This word exists to me, in the same way that droppings in the porcelain bowl invented by one Mr. John Crapper, having been flushed, do.

I know it exists, but only in a way that droppings should exist. Carried away from the house, lest an infection ensue.

Never more. Get out of my house!

“Come to me with child like innocence.”

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