Free writin’ an’ sheeit…

I have a friend who is very well written. Clear, concise and one of those authors that make you do a double take. …sly. She challenged me to look at a picture and write whatever came to mind. Here are my submissions. Feel free to use this exercise as well, it does work. My engrams have been lubricated, sans booze. THAT’S saying something!




This picture makes me think of children. This would be the view from an artist’s perspective. The artist is married, and has the ability to work from home. The studio is set up so that they can watch the children as they play outside. Every parent remains the constant vigilant. The house is quaint and full of love. The studio is much like the kitchen, in that is a very special place for romance. Just as the food prepared in the kitchen nourishes the family’s’ bodies – the studio has seen it all. A late night spontaneous love making session, talks that prying children ought not hear – even the occasional spat. The studio nourishes the invisible, yet oh-so-necessary bonds the family must have.


The artist is charged with animating the brushes, but should they become autonomous – the stories they would tell. If a picture is worth a thousand words – expect a five volume tome.




This picture screams “organization” to me. The symmetrical shape to the right signifies order. Much akin to ants, symmetry must follow a predetermined route. Even worse, each ant is dependent on the one in front of it, due to each ant not being able to grasp the route in its entirety, or so they’re taught. Thus, when an ant loses track of the one in front of it…it doesn’t know where to go. It panics, stricken with fear it frantically moves about in no true direction, and seemingly all directions at once. If only the ant had the intestinal fortitude to believe in itself and strike down the notion of “they know better.” Leaders go their own way, but most importantly, they’re average humans – just like us.

Think of it this way: when was the last time you were first, able to ask a politician a direct question, and second, when was the last time you received a direct answer?

To hell with order.