Thanks, BitChute…


I have it figured. At least, I’m getting closer. Science does, in fact, mean “closer approximations to the truth.”

Some content creators are being run off by YouTube, with Google citing “terms of service” violations. Many people have spoken publicly that the violations are simply false, and their demonetization is unfair. I’m not a content creator, so I don’t know. Many of these creators have not stopped creating, they’ve simply moved to BitChute. This is where my education began. I’ll just say “WOW”, and leave it there.

I’ll preface this with a colloquial expression. “Recto-Cranial Inversion.”

I was watching one of my favorites, (Styxhexxenhammer) and just started looking around, trying to understand the interface. Now, I’m used to people cussing and being A LITTLE more brazen when they can hide behind a random screen name. But this…

I have never, not one day in my hillbilly life, seen this. This refulgent level of hate. It’s disgusting, and the evil almost had me. I almost fell for it. Thank God for folks like Thomas Sowell, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Brandon Tatum. These are shining examples of what it means to be an American.

As a writer, few things are more precious to me than the first amendment. Free speech matters. But it isn’t being represented correctly. Freedom from government persecution is emphatically not the same as saying/writing hateful lies about groups of people, and claiming that it’s constitutionally protected.

Not by a damn sight.

I’ll state it plainly. There is evil in the world. Plain old, nasty evil. An evil that causes men and women to do and say things that they never thought they would. This evil can take any form it wishes. I have learned to identify this evil looking through the lens of the seven deadly sins. Not one of those is gender, or race, or religion specific.

It is my opinion, at this time, that any person who looks at the world, and lumps problems, either in part, or whole, and blames it on a race/religion/gender, expressly proves their own idiocy. I believe that discrimination is a tool of evil, which can be easily fought, as it requires one of us to do it. Evil is not going to fight it’s own battles.

The solution? Make Americans Godly again. Without the anchor of the nuclear family, your vessel will be a quarter of what it might have been. The discipline of learning, and therefore stepping into, your role in the community is paramount to our future generations.

We need Jesus.

The “N” Word.

It has no place in the United States of America. Period.

Here’s the deal. As humans have propulsed along, some of them have committed the evil sin of trying to own other humans. In order to do this, the race of the chosen slaves must be considered as “less than.” Were the slaves considered equals, our human conscience would dictate that we stop this process. …that we will not accept this horrid behavior. They must be considered “less than.”

How to do this? Give them a name.

I’m done with this. I find it abhorrent, and repugnant. Never more, will I tolerate it. This word exists to me, in the same way that droppings in the porcelain bowl invented by one Mr. John Crapper, having been flushed, do.

I know it exists, but only in a way that droppings should exist. Carried away from the house, lest an infection ensue.

Never more. Get out of my house!

“Come to me with child like innocence.”