One Night in Bangkok…

I watch her.

She does this thing. She’ll be focused on something and she’ll close her eyes…they flutter softly.

I watch her.

Learning a new person’s idiosyncratic traits has always interested me. Like how a person can say  the word “road” through their nose – and it’s somehow cute?

I watch her.

I had to take a break our first full night of getting to know each other, and return my brothers call.

“…well?” he asked.

“I don’t think so, man. I hate it, because I wanted it to…but  I just don’t think so.”

Ever torn, I resigned myself to sharing this time together, to get to know each other. To laugh, to embrace…to be a smart ass to each other…knowing this time would never come again.

And  I watched her.

My favorite memory is her editing video. Her adorned with headphones, and  I with  the obligatory PlayStation. Her hands deftly using the keys, moving things around in orbit, belying  the time and practice such an achievement requires.

I was rewarded for my patience when, on final review, she let out a beautiful sigh…and a smile that showed not only joy – but elation. It was contagious. 😀

She never knew it, but  I watched her.

This wasn’t going to work. Too many obstacles. Too little time. Not enough experience. I knew it but  I didn’t want to let go.

Deeply saddened, yet never showing it, I watched her.

…what a beautiful human being.