Blizzard Survival 101.


…nah, I’m just playing. 😎

Not much to do today, waiting on a Fed. Background check and it would figure…I jumped too soon.

Now I don’t mind, ya understand. It’s just funny how much you REALLY ARE you…lol.

I’m in my mountains. I could still be back in the desert, working on my melanoma cultures…BUT NO! I HAAAAADDD to go back to “my” mountains. I really did though, it’s tiring walking in the desert…all ‘m dayam curcles! Precipitation. Snow, to be exact. Two, fuckin’ feet.

Are ya listening son, I’m giving ya pearls here! *cheeky*

As I sit in my beloved friend, Koop. I watch them scurry to and fro. Little buddy heater is happily obliging, and I’m “iglooing” for better insulation when the sun goes down…I light a smoke.

Yanno, if you were to ask me to tell you two of the most important inventions in the history of humanity, I’d say the telescope and the microscope are pretty good – but that’s just me talkin’.

See, this whole “in and out,” “yen and yang,” …looking inward and outward…thing.


I don’t remember near as much as I’d like to from college, but I do remember reading about IBM researching loading our consciousness onto a hard drive. Could it be? Our next evolution? If you listen to my Indian brothers, it’s been since the 1840’s we surpassed the earths’ returnable yield. …dunno.

But hey, there went the blizzard, lol. There went winter, and seasons altogether! …and sunshine. …and wind. …and water.

Lord, take me and mine before that comes. 👍

Daddy Time. 😎

So, I’m in Target the other day. Rounding a corner, I come across an American Indian. Being right next to the res, not uncommon. What was uncommon, was the scene before me.

Picture if you will…

A six foot nine inch Native with gauges the size of soup cans. Tattoos. Man, you better believe it! Knuckles, neck, arms, legs. Long hair. Big…about 350, give or take.

And then I saw her. His little girl. His precious. You’ve seen little girls…how they are just so adorable in their innocence. Children are the greatest argument for heaven that ever existed.

…also hell. But, alas, another time.

She’s sitting in the buggy, him EASILY pushing a fully loaded cart with his right hand, and holding up his left hand. She’s gleefully playing “toddler paddy cakes” and softly singing in that baby voice that melts our hearts and forces us to constantly scan the horizon at the same time…

Size. Look at your palm. Now envision a purse dog measuring paws. That.

We exchanged knowing looks and smiles. His precious daughter never knew, or needed to. We both understood, Men have a place in this world, despite what you may have been told.

“We” know.