Wahya Saquii.

Gracefully and silently he moves through the night, the wolf.
He is searching, but for what he does not know.

There is something. Something special…uniquely HIS.
It must be there.
For it is just like him, alone.

He cries a woeful, lonesome cry.
There is no answer just the echo of his pleas into the night.

He cries out, “Is someone there?
Someone who cares? One like me? …also alone?”


Listen! The silence roars!

Looking. Searching. Needing
A yearning need.

Stop! Look. Listen.
Yes. Yes He hears it. His quiet companion.

It whispers in the darkness, “Here I am, Here I am.
Do you see me? Do – you – see – me? Remember me?”

Gently and softly it caresses his senses “I am here.
Reach out to me. Sing to me. Feel me. Know me. Love me.”

“Yes, I too have need of you.
Remember me? Someone alone …just like you.”

“Where? Where are you?”,
The lone wolf cries.

“Here. Let me caress your face, … your soul.
Sing to me your soothing love song and I will bathe you with my presence.”

“Yes, Yes, I remember.
We are not alone you and me.”

And to you, I gladly sing my song of love and longing.
My friend, my lover,

The Moon.

My Quiet Companion.