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“Granny V”

Thank you. Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for putting up with the antics of a little boy.

Thank you for letting me lay in your lap and watch T.V..

Thank you for making the best black eyed peas…ever.

I’m sorry I said something silly when we went shopping for school clothes.

Thank you for holding my hand after that car almost hit me…I was shaking.

Thank you for letting me be me.

Thank you for not judging me.

Thank you, if you have, for forgiving my absence.

Thank you, for being you.

I love you.

Return to sender…

When I was young, it was “books, magazines and T.V..

Now it’s “movies, Facebook and Twitter. A.K.A. “Social Media.

“Young people. Ignorant and idiotic innocents. Having zero clue as to how the world works, nor what SPECIFICALLY to pay attention to – much less how. And we all KNOW the grand examples of youthful exploitation through technology…now don’t we?

Some, rightfully so, have asked about the “parents.” PPPFFFT! Idiot. “Parents” haven’t existed since the 60’s.

No? You say no?

I wish I had a time machine. I’d take you back in time to when small town America still existed. When money was worth what it cost. When you actually could trust the village to aid in raising children. When things truly were “simpler.”I have friends who I’ve shared campsites with, and we pass the bottle and talk. Those younger than me always seem to get glassy eyed when I start telling stories of how people, two or three generations back used to plant walnut trees on their property every time a new family member was born. When the child reached maturity, the trees (planted by the grandparents, for the parents) were cut down and sold to pay college tuition.

Yes. Things were simpler.

And yes, you are right to be dissonant, young man. You’ve been stolen from.

“There are more thieves in neck ties, than there are trees in Brooklyn.” – Slim.

…and you are supposed to like it, young man. Its the way of the “new” and “progressive” world.

Don’t believe me?

Ok. Take a Look at commiefornia’s new governor. That sinister looking fuck puppet COULD BE LUCIFER IN THE SCHOOL PLAY.

The way of the world is simple.

1. Fuck your buddy. Win by attrition. All that matters is your Faggot fucking M-Life. Your bitch made golf swing. After all, he who dies with the most toys wins.

2. Cheat on your wife. After all, you only REALLY meant that you loved her…so you could get your noodle wet. …amirite? Oh sure, you’re a family man! Bringing home the bacon and all that. Has ABSOLUTELY ZIP to do with “social status”, amirite?No? Sure…that’s why you’ve NEVER BEEN ABLE TO STOP LOOKING. Is that it?

3. Call your mother, on mothers day.

So, now you know why I adore it when my devices beep unhappily at me. Saying that I am “out of service range.” Chump can tweet all he Damn well wants. We all know it’s the mindless rhetoric of an egotistical imbecile, pussy grabbing not withstanding.

I just wish there wasn’t this whole cacophonous five minutes of … Crap. Updates, messages and any other number of misspelled B.S..

It’ll be a happy day when I can sing, “…no such zone.”

…I don’t think it means what you think it means.

I’ve always been labeled, As a rip roarin’ Hell Raisin kind
But you know here lately, I got other things on my mind
Like livin’ and dyin’, and where I’ll spend eternity
What kind of reward Jesus, Have you got out on me?

Yep. ’nuff said.

Down here on earth, There’s a big price on my head
But I’ve got all my friends and my loved ones who’ll cry when I’m dead
And someday we’ll all sing along, From the other side
Cause I’ve heard that everyone’s wanted
Behind your heavenly gates in the sky…

When a feller decides to live his own life, and drop out of the “Nancy Grace School for the kindergarten minded and nanny state (TIRES AND BAIT AROUND BACK.) death is never far. Don’t let that scare you, just look around. Life in America isn’t a patch to what it was when I was young. That wasn’t very long ago. 9/11 was perhaps instituted, but definitely used to QUARANTINE us.

What kind of reward Jesus, Have you got on me
I wonder how the words on my big, Wanted poster do read
And oh how I’d love to be taken, into your custody
What kind of reward Jesus, Have you got on me?

1.This, if I remember it right, is what’s known as the “Gunfighters Prayer.”

3. I kinda feel bad now, pickin’ on him ’bout fallin’ down a mountain…LMMFAO

4. Told ya I was Irish…

Stephen HKaiunfgs’ “IT”

Well, it seems that there has been a misunderstanding. No, ladies and jellyspoons, YouTube is not Pornhub.

👇👇👇 ‘stache, FTW!

Meet 70 (or so?) years young GERIATRIC STEPHEN HAUF! Complete with your 10 year old daughters’ bikini and a good old fashioned “raisin’ in da hood.” (Baltimore.)

No Kung-Fu Grip at this time*

Now IT (he claims to be “third gender”) so, “IT” has been DEMONETIZED by Google, his Jewish overlords. Specifically, for the reason of “sexually gratifying content.”

Only a small Jewish man would look at “ITs'” videos and type the word “gratifying” after the word “sexual.” Look, Ben, or Aaron, or whatever non-flattering name your birther bestowed…you people really need to get off the spanking and hand job routine.

BUT, I bet it was a woman who made the decision that young “IT” was non-flattering and a horrid example for Google and all of its investors.

Well done, there…

After repeated scamming through fundraising, in order to fund his dissonant lifestyle, and the lifestyles of his felonious and heinous friends, NOW “IT” wants to grovel. Wishing for relief from his own sexually deviant actions…wow.

Not only that, but it NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT. This idiot has self righteously claimed FOR YEARS that he is independently wealthy, and therefore donated ALL OF HIS YOUTUBE EARNINGS TO THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT! NOW, ALL OF A SUDDEN HE “DEPENDS” ON GOOGLE MONEY…

22 Veterans commit suicide PER DAY! Beg all you like, nigger.

He, she, it…whatever, may in fact be, transgender. I’ve no way of knowing. What I do know is that this “IT” has repeatedly shown what “IT” is…a sexual deviant.

And I don’t care. He can be whatever commiefornia allows, just keep it OFF A FAMILY PLATFORM LIKE YOUTUBE!

The more you listen and watch Stephen Hauf, the more it becomes axiomatically apparent that he’s dirty. Nay. Not “dirty”…”slimy.” …and it’s moving…spreading…onto you…into your life…trying to manipulate you. “IT” can’t help it. He is a cuck to his own ego, male pride and his DEVIANT wishes. Ask him why his own daughters won’t come around!

So, if you are the type of person who would be “snowed” by a 5ft tall midget, whose only tools for life came from the hood, and though they say they are “rich,” may wear a wig found in the Wal-Mart parking lot, then take heed.

Nah, I think I’m good. I just don’t want to explain to a six year old what “butt-caking” is.

They say “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Stephen “IT” Hauf is a devout Catholic.

OK…Covfefe and a run…